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'91 "Blow Up" (Compilation CD / Crue-l Records) Solo Debut.
'92 Maxi single "Mike Alway's Diary" is released and she begins her solo career. '95 2 Maxi single's are released simultaneously. Following she focuses on co-producing with overseas artists and announces the various works/projects. '97 Released a "Best Of" album in America with a US tour consisting of 17 shows starting from NYC following with a long awaited Japan tour. Following in '98 accompanying the release of the album "K.K.K.K.K." she tours the US for the second time with 9 shows in '99. Simultaneously the "Best Of" album is released in Taiwan and Hong Kong. '03 The album "Trapeziste" is released from Victor. The creation/production of the music is made in a new form where a new world is unfolded. In May the "Come Fly With Me" tour is held after a 1 year and a half. Following '04 March the single "Nana", and in May the album "Montage" is released. From the same year she participates with Naruyoshi Kikuchi and Yoshihide Otomo solo album and live shows. In the following year she goes on Kikuchi's "blue note tour" and Otomo's Unit ONJE Europe tour and continues her diverse activities.Participated singing on a track called "Cosmo-Naughty" (which brought attention) from m-flo's album "Beat Space Nine" which was released again this year in August.In '96 for a period of 1 year and a half before moving to Paris she was a DJ personality on NHKFM's show "Music Pilot" which broadcasted every Friday.Along with writing columns for music and non-music related magazines. she revised subtitles for German movies. Recently she wrote lyrics for the ending theme song of NHK TV's show "Tensai Terebi-kun MAX" and CM song lyrics, songs, and wrote the lyrics and sung.Participated together with various industries in newspapers, TV commercials, homepage etc., for NGO's exterminate poverty campaign, "Global Call To Action Against Poverty" cooperated around the world which started in July.
'92 - '94 [ Mike Always Dairy] [Girly] [Karie on TV] (video clip)
'95 - '97 [I am a kitten]
[My First Karie] [Leur l'existence] [Good Morning World]
[Hamingu ga kikoeru] [Le Roi Soleil] [Tiny King Kong]
[Karie on TV from TRATTORIA ](video clip)
[Larme de Crocodile] (album)
'98 -'00 [One thousand 20th century chairs]
[once upon a time] [Journey to the centre of me]
[K.K.K.K.K.] [Tilt] (album)
[a K is a K is a K] (remix) [K.K. Limited edition 2000](special set)
'01 - '03 [My suitor] (cover album) [Trapeziste] (album)
'04 - [NANA] (single) [Montage](album)
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